⊕ How can I apply to participate?

In order to participate you must fill out our Registration Form with your personal details, interests, skills and previous experience. Once the registration period closes we will select 100 participants, who will be announced on the website on April 1st 2015.

⊕ Do I need to be a professional filmmaker to submit my application?

No, we welcome professional and amateur filmmakers equally.

⊕ Which selection criteria will you follow?

From all of the received applications we will select the candidates that are most suitable and that serve better the needs of the edition in terms of team formation.

⊕ How much does it cost to participate?

It costs 25 euros to participate. Once selected, participants will be prompted to pay the amount in the full online before the start of the Festival.


⊕ Which criteria do you follow to create the different teams?

Teams are formed by the organization based upon the skills and experience of the different participants. We try to "fill all departments" and aim for an even overall level of experience among the different production units.

⊕ How many people are on each team?

There will be approximately ten members per team.

⊕ Does the organization establish the production roles (director, screenwriter, etc,) of each member within the team?

No. The establishment of production roles, as well as other matters related to the production of the short film -eg, shooting schedule- is up to each team to reach an agreement on itself.

⊕ Can groups join?

No, all teams must compete on equal conditions so groups of filmmakers that have worked together previously can't apply to be on the same team.


⊕ How can I participate?

On the 15th of April there will be an OPEN CASTING to help filmmakers find the acting talent for their stories. You only need to register for the event

⊕ Will actors get paid?

No, it is a non paid job, but it is a great opportunity to meet lots of filmmakers based in Barcelona and, in case you are selected, the chance to show your work to a large local and international audience.



⊕ Will you provide equipment?

We have an agreement with some rental places in Barcelona that will offer special prices to Landscape Film Festival Participants from the 11th to the 26th of April.

⊕ Which kind of equipment do I have to use?

Every team is free to use any kind of equipment they want.


⊕ Which permits do you provide?

We provide a "Public Thoroughfare" permit to all groups for the two weeks of the Festival, which allows you to shoot with no problem on the public streets and squares of the city.

⊕ Does the "Public Thoroughfare" permit allow me to film on spaces such as Public Transportation, parks, the beach or markets?

No, such locations are normally managed by independent organizations, so we can provide information and guidance but it is up to each team to deal with it. Read more about shooting permits in Barcelona

Release Forms

⊕ What do I need release forms for?

You will need release forms for the talent, locations, music and materials used in the short film. We will provide all the necessary documents that must be returned signed with your short film on the 26th of April.

⊕ Are music or materials from Creative Commons allowed?

Yes, but only music or materials that are Attribution Only. Non-Commercial or Sharealike licenses would not be compatible.

⊕ What do we do about the Music Release Form or the Materials Release Form if we want to use public domain or royalty-free music or photographs?

Have the person who has the rights to the music or materials sign the release form. In the case of royalty-free materials, this is the person who purchased them. In the case of public domain materials, this could be anyone on the team. Please also include documentation that shows your rights to the music or materials, such as a license, a purchase receipt, or a statement by the author.


The Short Films

⊕ Where will the films be screened?

Films will be screened at the Premiére Ceremony of your City in a movie theater and in any other event -local or international- organized by Landscape and on the official website and social networks of Landscape Film Festival.

⊕ What rights does Landscape Film Festival hold with regards to the short films once the Festival is over?

Landscape Film Festival holds permanent non exclusive rights on all the films and can screen, exhibit and use them to promote and publicize itself.

⊕ What can I do with my film once the Festival is over?

You can do whatever you want with it: submit it to other film festivals, screen it at film events, online, tv stations, use it for your portfolio. The only requisite is that " This film was made for Landscape Film Festival 2015" must appear on the credits.

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