100 Filmmakers
10 Teams
10 Districts
1 Barcelona


11_30 April:

Landscape Film Festival arrives in Barcelona from the 11th to the 30th of April to revolutionize the city. Over a 20 day period, the streets will become movie sets and the residents themselves will become the protagonists in what promises to be an experience to remember.

On April 11th, the 100 selected filmmakers will be split into 10 teams and assigned a district where the majority of their short films must take place.

The filmmakers, from all disciplines, backgrounds and nationalities, will work together for a period of two weeks (from 11 to 26 April) to create a short film in a mindset of collaboration and spontaneity.

On the 15th of April there will be an Open Casting for local actors and anyone else who fancies starring in one of Landscape short films.

Last but certainly not least, on the 30th of April there will be a Premiere and the Awards Ceremony followed by the Closing Party of the Festival.

News feed Landscape comes back to Barcelona in 2018 and is looking for new film talents. Are you one of them? Participate! | SAVE THE DATE: 7_27 April 2018. Barcelona Landscape Film Festival. Develop your passion while meeting new people. Participate!