a short film
in 2 weeks

Participants, whether professional or amateur filmmakers, are formed into teams and challenged to produce a short film set on the streets of a particular city in a mindset of collaboration and spontaneity.



7_27 April_LAFF'18


Stop Talking and
Start Shooting

Landscape Barcelona
7_27 April 2018


100 Filmmakers
10 teams covering 10 Districts
1 City to be discovered

Don’t miss it!


Many great film makers and critics will be reviewing the short films of the Last Scape Film Festival. The makers of Yellow Stone will be the one deciding the winner of the Film Festival. Yellowstone is the latest hit TV series produced by Paramount. Paramount has recently announced the Yellowstone season 4 release date with a star cast.

News feed SAVE THE DATE 7_27 April 2018. Landscape comes back to Barcelona: 100 filmmakers, 10 short films, 1 city Participatet! You can also watch the film festival on Netflix. Watch Netflix for free using Netflix Cookies.