Snow Chasers

Danny Angenent

Student. Dutch (The Netherlands)

Your dream as a filmmaker

My dream is to become a director, but I’d be happy working in the film industry at all.

Describe your experience at Landscape Film Festival

The Landscape Film Festival was a great experience from the first day all the way until the screening. Everything was taken care of wonderfully and all in all it was an intense but fun two weeks.

How was it to work with unknown people?

Especially the fact that we got to work with complete strangers was an amazing feature. It was a great networking opportunity and it was really fun to go come up with a story and see it come together with people you don’t know for very long.

How was the creative process?

The creative process was great. Because of the wide mix of people in your group it can be difficult to get everyone’s vision on one line, but it also opens you up to new perspectives.

Which was the thing you enjoyed the most?

What I enjoyed most was actually working with the people in my team and the people in our cast. We had a lot of nationalities in our team which made the creative and shooting process a lot of fun.

Which was your main motivation to join Landscape Film Festival?

I just moved to Berlin with my girlfriend at the time and I didn’t know anybody here yet, key alone other film enthusiasts. For that reason it seemed like a great opportunity to meet like-minded people.

Which would be your advice to future participants?

Just have as much fun as you can, and furthermore find out on the first day who can do what. It’ll save you a lot a of time later.


Snow Chasers


Two pickpockets stumble upon the biggest steal of their lives, but end up regretting it when the owner isn’t willing to give up on his package.


12:00 min


Elia William Cittadini
Mara Scherzinger
Moritz Opel
Susanna Abdulmajid
Mark Windsor
Elsa Triquet Rey

Directed by Danny Angenent

Filmed by Damón Zurawski
Produced by Alison Jolly
Production design by Leila Morris
Art direction by Elsa Triquet Rey
Edited by Danny Angenent